Organize and monitor your deliveries in real-time.

Gain visibility to your delivery operations with our built-in analytics and flexible reporting.

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Introducing Fleet™️

Fleet™️ is a last-mile delivery management platform that allows businesses to plan from the creation until the dispatch of their deliveries, while also allowing them to track their deliveries' status and riders in real-time.

How Fleet™️ works?

Step 1

Plan and Setup
Setup Hubs, add vehicles and drivers, and, plan delivery routes, and more.

Step 2

Add Jobs
Add jobs manually or import them in bulk.

Step 3

Assign Driver Vehicle
Assign a vehicle to your in-house or shared drivers.

Step 4

Monitor Jobs
Track your job's delivery progress through our real-time GPS to ensure timely delivery of goods.

Step 5

Update Jobs
Edit job information using relevant action buttons.
(e.g. update status, edit job details, view job history and digital proof of delivery)

Step 6

Manage Reports & View Driver Performance
View delivery and driver performance through reports and analyze delivery data to improve deliveries.
App Features

Industry-leading features

Digital Proof of Delivery

Ensure safe delivery of your goods through electronic proof of deliveries (e.g. e-signature, parcel photo).

CMS Platform Plugin

Use Fleet™ as your Shopify plugin to easily manage your deliveries.

Detailed Reports

Get a data-driven analysis of your deliveries through our Reports feature.

Automatic SMS/Email Updates

Send out automatic status updates to your customers regarding their orders through SMS or Email.

Shareable Tracking URLs

Let your customers personally track and view their order’s ETA.

Case Management

Keep track of unforeseen cases/incidents that happened during deliveries.

Workflow Feature

Track your driver’s current status upon arriving to their delivery location.

Custom Reports

Customize or extract delivery reports suitable for your business.

Route Planning

Group your driver’s routes for the day to avoid delays and efficiently deliver goods to your customers.

Track Driver Map

Keep track of your driver’s current status or location in real-time.

Available applications
Fleet™ Web App (Web Browser)

Fleet™ Web App enables organizations to manage their delivery operations through a web-based platform. The app provides a range of tools to help optimize and streamline the delivery process, such as route planning and optimization, real-time tracking, dispatch management, and delivery performance analysis. The app also facilitates communication between drivers, dispatchers and customers, allowing for real-time updates on delivery status, exceptions and issues.

Fleet™ Mobile app (Android)

Fleet™ mobile app let's you monitor the job assigned to specific rider and track their locations. Delivery drivers manage their work and communicate with admin or dispatch. The app provides real-time updates on job assignments, delivery or pickup locations, and other relevant information to help drivers efficiently complete their tasks.  

Fleet™ HQ (Mobile/Android)

Fleet HQ let's you scan barcodes on packages or parcels for faster job creations and assignments in order to track their movement and location during the delivery process. Sending the information to Fleet Web App where the package can be tracked and monitored. The use of barcode scanning helps to improve the efficiency, and accuracy of the parcel delivery process.

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