• What is Fleet and Who's it for?

    Fleet is a last-mile delivery management platform that allows you to plan, dispatch, and track riders in real-time. With built-in analytics and flexible reporting, the platform provides unprecedented visibility on operations and improve overall performance down the line.


    We've created Fleet for businesses in need of a platform to manage their last-mile deliveries such as established food chains, budding restaurants, courier companies, including e-commerce businesses that offer delivery services to its customers. Fleet works for businesses regardless of size.

  • Why You'll Love Fleet

    Fleet is not just a beautiful software. We've built it solving real-world pain points of our early customers.

    Job Management

    Manage jobs efficiently

    Manage same-day deliveries, advanced booking, and recurring pre-scheduled jobs. View urgent ones for the day or plan ahead using the calendar.



    Bulk Upload

    Upload jobs in bulk

    Got excel files from your regular customers which you need uploaded to Fleet? Download Fleet's import template, fill-it up, go and upload!



    Live Tracking

    Track riders in real-time

    Get notified once your riders are online and ready to take on jobs. Locate your riders on a map in real-time and see which job they're working on at the moment.



    Route History

    Review routes taken by your rider

    Once in a while when your riders seem to be underperforming or when your customers are increasingly complaining of late deliveries, you'll want to take a look at the routes taken by your riders to complete a job to look for cues.



    Customer Notifications

    Reach out to customers

    Most often than not, customers just need to know that their delivery will not reach them on time. Fire up those SMS and email notifications when your rider is enroute, or set up your own notification triggers using Fleet's powerful rules engine.



    Built-in Chat

    Contact your riders individually or send a broadcast

    Chat with any of your riders without leaving Fleet. Reduce your communication costs and organize conversations centrally.



    Multi-hub Setup

    Manage all your hubs in one platform

    Create unlimited hubs in Fleet and distribute delivery jobs accordingly. It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 1,000 hubs. Get those jobs done seamlessly.




    Connect Fleet with your systems

    Setting up a 2-way integration between your existing systems and Fleet is easy. Use Fleet's APIs for incoming requests, and Triggers engine for outgoing. Using Shopify? Connect even faster using Fleet's shopify app and get up and running in no time.



    Analytics & Reporting

    Gain insight on your business' performance

    Included in Fleet is a built-in analytics and reporting feature. Gain insights on how your business is performing that are otherwise unavailable without a platform like Fleet in place. Pinpoint issues and solve them before they put you out of business.



  • Want to See Fleet in Action?

    Don't be afraid to reach out. Drop us your details and we'll get in touch soonest!

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